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/ Catalog / Videowalls / BWM-06-46T
/ Catalog / Videowalls / BWM-06-46T
Pop-Out video wall mount
BWM-06-46T mount is designed in a way allowing to create video wall of any configuration. Pop-Out mechanism provides easy access to the backside of the screen facilitating the maintenance process.
  • Series: BWM
  • Dimensions: 670x285x524 mm
  • VESA: 200х200, 300x200, 300х300, 400х200, 400x300, 400х400, 600x400;
  • Screen size: 45''-70''
  • Weight capacity: 70 kg
  • Mounting method: Wall;
  • Tilt: +4°-2°
  • Cable management: No
  • Material: Steel