The secret of a comfortable remote workplace
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The secret of a comfortable remote workplace

Many people know that a sedentary lifestyle affects not only the state of health, but also the state of emotions. Lower back pain and neck pain, irritability, loss of concentration - these are the main symptoms of what is usually called a “poorly organized workplace”. There may be several reasons for them: an uncomfortable posture at the desk, insufficient lighting in the room, too big, or, on the contrary, too small distance from your eyes to the monitor, and some others.

Where to start

If you recognize yourself in the description, do not panic. Unfortunately, this is a fairly common problem in the modern world, even in a high-tech office, let alone for employees working remotely, often in a completely unprepared home environment. Nevertheless, the solution exists and is out in the open. You need to try to create an environment that makes you feel as comfortable as possible, while the most necessary tools remain always at hand.

Laying emphases correctly

Firstly, you should determine your goals and needs. It’s evident, that the ideal remote workplaces of a web designer, lawyer and CCTV system operator will differ significantly. In the first case, the emphasis – for proper color reproduction – will be laid on high-quality lighting; in the second case, the emphasis will be on the creation of ergonomic places to store auxiliary materials (codes, acts, etc.); in the third case, the primary task will be to create a convenient installation of multiple monitors to keep track of a real time situation (tips and tricks of how to select and adjust monitors can be found in the article "Office ergonomics"). Subtle differences always exist. The main thing is to take time and decide what specific accents are in your own case.

“Home office” options

Next, you will need to choose the optimal type of installation. For example, did it ever occur to you that fruitful work can be done not only in a sitting position? Recent human physiology studies say that remaining stationary for a long time makes your body numb, your attention scattered and, therefore, your effectiveness lower. To avoid this, special tables are used – motorized sit-stand desks allowing to work both when sitting and standing, since you can easily adjust the height of the table depending on the situation. This is a good solution for the entry-level "home office". This table takes up little space and becomes easily transformed thanks to the electric motor. There are also many types of advanced workstations - with stands for tablets and laptops, mounts for video cameras and codecs. Keep searching, don’t hesitate to play around, and you will certainly find what you really need.

Useful accessories

Trifles also matter. Flexible cable management and built-in stands for the computer case free up space under the desk for your legs and the chair rollers to move freely, which makes both your life and the access to the connectors far more convenient. By the way, cleaning up also becomes easier: the cabinetand garland of cables, as a rule, let dust and rubbish accumulate behind them for months, but with the cable management and built-in computer case stand in place you will be able to keep the space under your desk clean and tidy. As you can see, it is not difficult to create a comfortable workplace at home - once the first step is taken, of course.

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