Office ergonomics
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Office ergonomics

Nowadays ergonomics became more important than ever. Constantly increasing role of computers and gadgets in modern world put many people in constant need to interact with computers. This lifestyle may lead to some health issues and it is necessary to optimize the working enviroment in a way that diminishes all the negative factors.

Ergonomic optimization implies creation of the workplace, where everything is placed at hand’s reach and all the elements of the workplace are adjusted in the most comfortable way. Each job has its ergonomic peculiarities, and today we will look at ergonomics of the office spaces.

Chair and desk

The creation of the ergonomic workplace starts with the most basic element - the selection of the chair and work desk, which will maintain healthy posture of the employee. Rules of ergonomics recommend to use a table with a height of about 80 cm, and a chair with the seat height of about 50 cm. It is worth mentioning that these parameters are based on average height, and may be incompatible with your proportions. The majority of chairs has a built-in height-changing mechanism but with the tables we recommend to use motorized ones, allowing to freely adjust their height.

Monitor position adjustments

Proper monitor selection and adjustments of the monitor are no less important than the selection of chair and desk. The minimal diagonal of the monitor should be roughly 24’’, while the monitor itself should be mounted 50-70 cm from your eyes in a way that provides 20° angle between the lower edge of the screen and your sightline. To provide such conditions it is recommended to use a specialized monitor mounts, allowing for precise monitor position adjustment.


Ergonomic workspace implies the positioning of all the accessories in a way that allows you to have everything you need at the hand’s reach. It includes not only some small accessories but also sockets and ports. Usually people tend to use paper trays and interface extenders, but the use of built-in solutions may be more proficient for your workplace. Built-in drawers allow to move all the papers and accessories under the desktop while built-in sockets bring all the necessary ports right on your desk.


Surroundings also play a crucial role in the ergonomics of office spaces. It is important to keep temperature in a range of 20-22°C and humidity in a range of 40%-60%. The level of noise should not exceed 50 dB, while the daylight should be abundant and fall to the desk at an angle of about 90°-105°. If the constant access to the daylight is impossible it is recommended to use office lights with the luminous flux of about 300 lm.

This method may seem too scientific but only by using it you can achieve the best results. Rising level of comfort at work desk not only make your day more pleasant, but also will ease your neck, spine, shoulders and eyes, significantly decreasing fatigue. All these factors will lead to the increase of productivity making workday happier.