Ergonomic video wall mounts
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Ergonomic video wall mounts

Striving to constantly widen its assortment, Ergofount puts high emphasis on presenting solutions that can make everything ergonomic. This includes popular installation as the videowall, presenting in many public places. To create a truly ergonomic video wall we recommend to use our new BWM series mounts.

The main feature of these mounts is the Pop-Out construction, allowing to easily get access to the back of each display. Just push the screen and get fast access to all the necessary communications. It makes the maintenance process way easier.

Each BWM series mount is designed in a way to create video wall of any scale and any screen orientation. All models have built-in adjustment mechanisms allowing to create the perfect way to demonstrate all necessary information.

BWM series mount are designed in a way to create truly ergonomic videowalls. They are easy to mount but also provide the easy way to maintain the entire installation. Choosing BWM series mounts you get a robust instrument of video wall creation.