BSSD-L10-18/23 G
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/ Catalog / Frames for tables / BSSD-L10-18/23 G
/ Catalog / Frames for tables / BSSD-L10-18/23 G
BSSD-L10-18/23 G
3-stage motorized table base
3-stage motorized table base allows you to create the adjustable workplace. Its height and width are easily adjusted by a push of a single button, providing the best work conditions possible.
  • Series: BSSD
  • Dimensions: 1200х600х600
  • Weight capacity: 125 kg
  • Material: Metal
  • Elevation speed: 38 mm/s
  • Number of stages: 3
  • Elevation range: 600-1230 mm
  • Width range: 1200-2000 mm
  • Voltage: 100-240 V
  • Overload protection: Yes
  • Noise level: < 50 dB